here comes the sun …

… wishful thinking.

When it does come out, the wind is so cold that no one in his/her right state of mind will be outdoors to do much of anything in a garden. I am sooo jealous of all of you who are able to work outdoors. In my part of Germany the ground is still frozen. Tell me, I am impatient? Yesterday I stuck my finger into the ground, just to discover I couldn’t dig down into the ground very far. Does someone understand that my green thumb is REALLY itching? I am ready … enough books read, done enough sewing and what ever else.

I guess, I will keep looking at my garden books and the internet on my favorite site, make wish lists, though I am out of room to plant anything without giving up any more of the holy lawn.  My new garden bench is sitting in the car port and I visualize her being placed perfectly where I may watch the rose “Veilchenblau” which will hopefully take over the arch we set up for her the other year.

For now I will dream of geranium, sempervivum and all the other early signs of the garden year, colorful photos and the sun touching my soul.

Until then I will spoil our new kittens Benny and Leoni.

Have a great week!