Trip to Norway

This summer we had the opportunity to go on a cruise. Starting in Hamburg on to the North Cape of Norway. What an experience and also a great way to relax for us. You cannot escape once on the ship, right? 🙂

Here are some impressions from our trip:

Had to buy a troll 🙂


The perfect place to relax and recover from a busy year!


Great food, great restaurants on board!

Great food! Great restaurants!

Perfect view with some delicious champagne and other snacks in the lounge. Loved to be spoiled like that.

Perfect view

Geiranger Fjord! Breathtaking to wake up to a view like that.

Geiranger Fjord

It never gets dark. We were there in July and the skies were amazing.

Beautiful sky!

Ålesund, we were so lucky to have the best weather while there. Actually, better than in Germany all summer. It is really a beautiful city to visit.


Coming down from the mountain Dalsnibba, where you have a great view to Geiranger Fjord, you pass the lake Djubvatnet.


Flowers in Tromsø at the market. Other than that it was quite a cold and foggy time there on the day we visitied.


Very important day – Germany won the World Championship! They made sure we had reception on the day of the game. I will always remember where I was on the day the Germans won the championship. 🙂

Wir sind Weltmeister

Last, but not least  … unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We spend some time in Hamburg before we flew back home. Let’s see where our next vacation will take us.