I have got a number of them: shoes, jackets, yarn, hostas, geranium, my garden in general AND technical stuff  … did I mention shoes? 🙂 🙂

The beginning of this week it was yarn again. Actually, it’s been yarn for year. I got a big enough stash to knit socks for every member in my family including my extended family.

So, here I was after my doctor’s appointment needing to fill a prescription. Next door to the pharmacy is a store that sells the most beautiful yarn and there was a SALE! 😉 Somehow I ended up with a bunch of Tiffany Yarn. With no idea beforehand what to do with it, I purchased it. Oh well. There is always a reason to justify SALE purchases.

At home I was going through Ravelry projects, when I decided to try a triangular shawl for the first time.  I am not a pro at this knitting thing, really impatient when it comes to complicated projects.  Knitting this was actually a lot of fun and I finished in 4 days. I might as well brag a little. What else do I have a blog for? 🙂  Mr. B approved.

Tuch Shawl schal3