Time for Gardening or Time for …


It is definitely time for politics and Barack Obama in my blog today. This is one time where I will not translate my post in German as it is directed towards my friends and readers in the U.S.A.

Some of you who have known me personally may understand how dear to my heart this election has been to me. I have lived in the U.S. for many, many years and I encompass a special love for this country. My sons who carry  a dual citizenship German-American, but having grown up in the USA, have been watching this election with growing excitement as well.

Not only my American born sons but people in Germany and all over Europe have been observing these past months with great anticipation. Last night the eyes of the world were watching America. I was up until 3 a.m. last night following the progress of the election counts.

One major German political magazine is carrying the headline “The reincarnation of the American dream” this morning. A dream it is and it is truly a sign for our children, my children, that times are changing and most of all that America wants change.

These past years I have been so disappointed watching from “across the ocean” of what was happening in the United States. I’ve always been telling friends who ask me where I prefer to live that I do not prefer one country to the other and that both countries are home to me. However, these past years I have had a difficult time justifying this position in light of the political happenings.

I don’t know what my feelings would have been had these elections turned out differently. It seems as though America has had enough and is ready for a great change. Any other result would have been a great disappointment to me.

It will be a long road ahead for this President and many obstacles in the way but if people give him a chance (and maybe two terms as President 😉 ) I am sure he will turn the country around again and help regain the respect it deserves in the world.

Good morning America – you’ve done the “right thing”! (at least in this German blogger’s humble opinion)