A new look

I have been thinking about stopping the use of the Blogspot templates for the longest time. Since we do own several domains it was just a question of which content management software to use. WordPress seemed to be the best choice. I was also looking for a way to integrate my old garden home page which I haven’t been taking care of for the longest time since I started blogging. WordPress offered that. That part is under construction though and only in German at the moment. We’ll see how that develops.

Since I have always used my domain and webspace as a file server as well while using Blogspot templates, my husband was able to import via RSS feed almost all of my posts. (You are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about, right?) ­čÖé Unfortunately, he was not able to import all of the comments. I can live with that since there will be new comments and you will continue to visit me.

Stella’s Blog moved completely away from Blogspot and is hosted on our domain now.

I hope I will find more time to blog again now that spring seems to finally come around and provides many of opportunities for new pictures. There is lots of work in the garden ahead for all of us.

By the way, we have also moved our picture gallery . As time allows we will share more and more pictures there.

Have a nice week!