Crafty “stuff” ….

Not being able to be outdoors brings out the Suzie Homemaker in me every winter. HOWEVER, my “old” knitting addiction showed up again about 1.5 years ago. I admit I’m powerless and I gladly submit to this addiction. 🙂 My stash of yarn has increased dramatically and will – along with my sewing projects- keep me busy.

Here’s what I have worked on during the last weeks.

Currently this cowl is on my needles. Made of Merino and Mohair yarn. I must say I really love knitting it. Got a little ways to go, but it is fun to knit and so lightweight, soft and I am sure it will keep my neck warm this winter.


I have been knitting lots of socks during the last year and also bought a number of books about socks. Knitting them while watching TV relaxes me and keeps my mind off “things”.  This past year a lot of Hundertwasser yarn by Opal has been used, but also others.  They were welcome Christmas gifts for some lucky people this past Christmas.

Socks - yarn by Opal Hundertwasser



I did mention I enjoy sewing, too?  Well, here’s a simple beanie I made for a little girl I know. It is reversible jersey and fleece.



Here’s the other side of it.



Here’s a knitted one that made another little girl and her grandmother happy.



Until next time. 🙂

A new beginning – It’s only been two years!

Dear readers – should I still have any, 😉

I am horrible, just horrible …. no more promises about writing regularly. Still I find myself at the point of giving up blogging completely, but can’t really do it.

Today I decided just to use my blog  “randomly”.  I will stop my “The cats are in the house” blog and only use this one for everything that comes to mind. No promises about how often I will blog though.

Anyhow … here is to a new beginning (of my blog) and in this regard – a Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your time here.


We were lucky to have snow as of Dec. 26th unlike the last few years and we got to enjoy some of the powdery white stuff.

Winter Wonderland